A great number of UK customers took to social media seeking to boycott Marks and Spencer, a UK retailer, in an effort to force the store to alter its current policy allowing Muslim employees to categorically refuse to check out customers with liquor and pork in their carts. As I told you, I am not kidding! It is true. Here is the link:

These customers were clearly irate and vowed NOT to return to Marks and Spencer unless this policy is reviewed. Are the customers being intolerant to religious differences? Didn’t Marks and Spencer retailer think this policy through? Are these Muslim employees being hypocritical by placing themselves in the heart of Marks and Spencer, a store laden with alcohol and pork while refusing to check out said products? What do you think? I was just saying.

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‘I am leaving my husband because he is way older than me” shouted Rebecca during her regular individual psychotherapy session. She married Mr. Johnson, a 71 year old well to do businessman ten years earlier. Let’s call Mr. Johnson Limp Jake as Rebecca calls him.  

The couple met six months after Rebecca’s first husband sudden death. “Jake was very fun in the bedroom when I met him” recalled Rebecca. She claimed their bedroom was quite active during the first two years of marriage till one day Jake went “limp”.

Thinking that it was a temporary situation, Rebecca tried to remain supportive of her husband’s situation before her recent encounter with Brilliant Bob. Young and adventurous, Brilliant Bob was everything Rebecca dreamed of in her quest to be sexually fulfilled. For Rebecca, it was now a matter of staying or leaving her husband Jake.

She wants to know if divorcing Jake is her best option to be sexually happy. Any advice for the 70 year old Rebecca? One thing that I would tell Rebecca is that Jake is not too old for her, he just cannot keep up. I was just saying.

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One Nation Under “How Rich You Are”

Is your daddy rich? About your mom? Did you just say no? Alright, at least tell me that you have a rich aunt or uncle or something? If not, you are in deep trouble. If you are not rich, you cannot buy justice here in the good U.S. of A. You do not believe me huh…
Fine, have you heard of Ethan Couch, the kid from Texas whose parents are so rich that they spared him jail time after killing three people due to his drunk driving? Yeah, that is right! Too rich to go to jail. If you are rich, you can kill as many people as you can and you will only receive probabtion, just like Ethan Couch did. Hold on! Let me go puke… right back…
Thanks for holding! I am back now. I cannot help but to put myself in the shoes of the victims to have a sense of what they are going through. The american judicial system has let them down. I am simply saddened by the fact that we are one nation under “how rich you are”. I was just saying…
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Just a few words about worries. We let ourselves be consumed by the worries of this world. Financial crises, medical reports among many troubles are ripping our hearts apart and stealing our peace promised by God.

When are we going to learn that God is not dead and He is on His throne. He sent His son Jesus to remind us of that fact. I do not know about you, I have been claiming my peace in Jesus-Christ and I urge you to do the same. I was just saying.

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George Zimmerman: Well, Oh well!

A few months ago, there was a national uproar and a fiery debate on race in our country following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teen, by a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman. Then I posted this on my blog: My posting was pretty much the result of my assessment of the facts (known to have been contaminated) by the media. The media went out of their way to distort certain facts concerning the killing of Trayvon Martin? Oh boy, I was with them all along untill the actual trial of George Zimmerman. 

I followed George Zimmerman’s trial very closely. In fact, I pretended to be a juror and assessed all of the evidence thereby presented by the prosecution and defense. Ladies and Gentlemen, it took me ten minutes to deliberate and find that George Zimmerman was not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. The jury agree with me but that is not enough for some folks in America protesting the verdict.

I think that the case has turned political. I totally agree with President Barack Obama when he said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son. He could have been my son too, but my feelings have nothing to do with the judicial system. George Zimmerman was acquitted in the aftermath of a fair trial. We have to move on and heal as a nation. Let us promote healing.

To put this matter to rest, I have a few words for Mr. Zimmerman: Sir, you are left with your own conscience. If you really did NOT kill Trayvon Martin maliciously and truly acted in self defense, enjoy your freedom but if you killed him because you had hate in your heart, may you have the courage to reveal the truth as it will set you free! I was just saying.

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We did not make a bad deal in Christ

Rest assured that we did not get a bad deal in Christ, our Savior. We have to admit, as Christians, we question God’s promises especially when we see that non-Christians are doing well. When a non-believer gets the promotion and we do not; when non-believers have enough financial means to travel the world and we do not; we tend to question God. We let our circumstances dictate what we believe instead of focusing on the truth, God’s truth, and God’s promises.

Who told you that blessings have to be in the form of financial reward? Duly note that blessings are far more superior than that (about health, about friendship, about appreciation, about love, about happiness, about our children praising God, about our children doing well in school, about an accident that did not happen, about an accident that happened but we are still alive, about peace at home, about the surgery that went well, about food on the table every day, etc…)

There is so much to be thankful for. Our God does not lie when He says that we shall prosper. The only thing that we have to do is to re-train ourselves so we can see the magnitude of God’s blessings on our lives. There is no greater deal than Jesus. Let this sink in your spirit. I was just saying.


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Lance Armstrong: Hero or Zero

Considering the “big heart” of Lance Armstrong in the area of charity and cancer advocacy, I find it extremely hard to opine negatively on him. But the truth shall set me free. The man who once stood on the shoulders of the world and considered a hero fell miserably due to the exposure of his hidden, cheating habits that elevated him in the first place. In other words, Lance Armstrong used banned substances that boosted him greatly in the acquisition of his seven Tour de France Championships.

Having been stripped by the USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) of his seven championships, Armstrong, the cyclist, has nobody else to blame but himself. Additionally, I think that he must apologize to the world for his actions, especially to the young folks so they know that cheating is not right and has huge consequences. Lance Armstrong, in the arena of morality and role modeling, is a big ZERO. I was just saying.


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